Hang tags or cardboard tags are essential elements in the world of fashion and textile products, as they offer important information about the item to which they are attached and add a distinctive touch to the product. Typically made from sturdy cardboard or high-quality paper, these labels can vary in size, shape and design to fit specific brand or product needs.

Hang tags often contain details such as the brand, logo, size, price, and care instructions, providing the customer with crucial information about the item before purchasing. These tags are typically attached to the product using a string, cord, or chain, making them easy to view and manipulate in the store.

In addition to their informative function, hang tags are an opportunity for brands to showcase their visual identity and style. They can feature creative designs, elegant typography, or eye-catching illustrations that reflect the brand’s aesthetic and attract the consumer’s attention at the point of sale.

In the realm of garment manufacturing, hang tags can be an additional design element, adding a touch of sophistication or an interesting visual detail to the garment. Additionally, in the world of home textiles or accessories, these labels can add a touch of style and perceived quality to pillows, blankets, bags and more.

In summary, hang tags or cardboard labels are functional and aesthetic textile accessories that offer important information to the consumer and add a distinctive touch to the product, helping to reinforce the brand identity and improve the customer experience.