The seal is an essential element in the textile industry that allows hanging labels to be secured to products such as clothing, bags, shoes and other textile items. This is a small piece of strong material, such as nylon or waxed cotton, used to securely and elegantly attach the label to the product.

These ropes or threads are designed to be durable and flexible, ensuring that they can support the weight of the tag without breaking or stretching excessively. They come in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit different styles and branding needs, adding a touch of presentation and distinction to the final product.

The tag is inserted through a small hole in the hang tag and then tied or secured to the product using a knot or hook, providing a secure way to display brand information, price and other important details. In addition to its practical function, the stamp can contribute to the aesthetic design of the product, adding a touch of color or visual contrast.

In summary, the label is a versatile and functional textile accessory that plays a crucial role in the presentation and marketing of textile products. Its durability, flexibility and variety of design options make it an indispensable tool for brands and designers looking to add a final touch of quality and style to their products.